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Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 25

(L)5ft x (W)5ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 2.5

(L)1.5m x (W)1.5m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our small unit sizes. Small units range from 10sqft to 30sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 50

(L)7ft x (W)7ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 4.7

(L)2.1m x (W)2.1m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our medium unit sizes. Medium units range from 35sqft to 55sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 75

(L)7.5ft x (W)10ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 7

(L)2.3m x (W)3m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our medium to large unit sizes. Medium to large units range from 60sqft to 85sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 100

(L)10ft x (W)10ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 9.3

(L)3m x (W)3m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our large unit sizes. Large units range from 90sqft to over 300sqft – contact us for prices

Student Storage Camden, London

Student storage in Camden, London with CityStore Self-Storage is the perfect solution if you are looking for a safe place to store your belongings over the summer, or longer.

Whether you are having to leave your Halls of Residence, are going travelling, or are simply returning home for the holidays, CityStore Student Storage Camden can provide you with self storage options to avoid the hassle of transporting your goods that you will ultimately be bringing back to London a few months later.

Store for the Summer - from £99back to top

The Student Case is a new, low cost service for students in London wishing to store their belongings over the holidays.

What does it cost?

For only £99 + VAT, CityStore will provide you with the following:

  • DELIVERY of one student case to your halls of residence, with each additional case being only £59 + VAT
  • COLLECTION of the cases a maximum of 20 mins after delivery, allowing you time to fill them
  • SECURE STORAGE of your case(s) for the duration of the holidays
  • INSURANCE COVER of £1000 + numbered security tags for each individual case.
  • RE-DELIVERY of the case(s) your halls of residence on your return within an agreed time slot

Are there any other costs?

If you live outside the congestion zone and pack your case while we wait, the cost is just £99 for the period from 1st June to 31st August. The following will apply if this is not the case:

  • Congestion Charging - an additional charge will be applied for deliveries of the empty cases, collection of the empty cases and re-delivery of the cases after your return. This charge is applicable for each journey. If we are making multiple pick-ups and deliveries on any one day, this charge will be reduced.
  • Oversized Items - occasionally students have oversized items that will not fit into the case. Any large items that need to be stored will be charged at £15 per item for the above period, and £1 per item per day outside of this period.

How it worksback to top

What does a student case look like?

Our student cases have a similar capacity to a large supermarket shopping trolley. They are made of super-tough plastic and have a capacity of 180 litres ( 6.5 cubic feet / 0.2 cubic metres). Internal dimensions are (L)76 x (W)49.5 x (H)46cms.

CityStore Self Storage Student Case

How much can I fit in?

Our staff packed one case with a variety of items to see just how much we could fit in. We managed to fit the following items inside:

  1. 1 x flat screen computer monitor
  2. 1 x small computer tower (+ leads, mouse, keyboard)
  3. 1 x standard laptop (17" screen) inc power supply
  4. 1 x mini hi-fi and small speakers
  5. 12 x standard paperback books
  6. 3 x lever arch files
  7. Stationery items (calculators, pens etc)

If you are in doubt about what might fit, give the centre a call on 0207 428 9988 and will give you as much advice as we can. Alternatively, pop down to our storage centre in Camden to have a look before reserving and see the size for yourself.

Book your caseback to top

By Phone:

  1. Call us on 0207 428 9988 and pre-book your storage case
  2. We deliver a tough 180ltr storage case to your halls on a day that suits you
  3. You pack your goods inside while we wait (max 20 mins)
  4. You seal the case with a security tag provided and give to the driver
  5. CityStore stores the case at our secure storage facility over the holidays
  6. You book a time slot for re-delivery to your hall on your return


Student Case Book Online

Rent a storage unitback to top

Some students prefer to rent an individual storage unit rather than use the Student Case. This is often because you want to share the storage costs with friends to save money or you have some large or fragile items that you would prefer to store yourself. Either way, CityStore offers the following:


  • An individual, safe and secure storage room for which you are the only key-holder, meaning you are the only person with access to your room.
  • Security - PIN code access and 24hr CCTV, ensuring that your goods are securely protected


  • Free unlimited access during our extensive opening hours, meaning you can come and go as many times as you like for no additional cost
  • Trolleys on site to help you conveniently move your goods from your vehicle to your room
  • A covered internal loading bay, protecting your goods from the elements while you unload (height restrictions apply)
  • Located in Camden, just off Chalk Farm Road, under 2 minutes walk from Chalk Farm Tube Station and 1 minute from the Roundhouse Theatre. CityStore is the ideal choice if you are looking for storage space in North West London


  • Access to a full range of room sizes, meaning you will never pay for more space than you need, whatever your storage requirement.
  • Increase or reduce the space you need at any time
  • Flexible contracts - you only stay for the time you require and you can leave whenever you want


  • No rates or utilities to pay. You pay a fixed price for the space you take.
  • No long term lease or purchase commitment. Store with us from month-to-month.

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