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Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 25

(L)5ft x (W)5ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 2.5

(L)1.5m x (W)1.5m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our small unit sizes. Small units range from 10sqft to 30sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 50

(L)7ft x (W)7ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 4.7

(L)2.1m x (W)2.1m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our medium unit sizes. Medium units range from 35sqft to 55sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 75

(L)7.5ft x (W)10ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 7

(L)2.3m x (W)3m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our medium to large unit sizes. Medium to large units range from 60sqft to 85sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 100

(L)10ft x (W)10ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 9.3

(L)3m x (W)3m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our large unit sizes. Large units range from 90sqft to over 300sqft – contact us for prices

CityStore : Self-Storage Company in Aylesbury, Camden & Dunstable

CityStore is a Self Storage Company that was founded in 2008 with the first store in Camden opening its doors in July 2009. Further to the success of the Camden store, the CityStore Group purchased a further building in Houghton Regis, Dunstable, which received its first customer in May 2013. As of Spring 2018 we now offer self-storage solutions in Aylesbury. The aim is to find and develop further buildings into self-storage over the coming years.

The current management team have significant experience in running self-storage centres and have also developed the business to incorporate a archive/records management division.


Self-storage arrived from the USA in the early 1980s, when Abbey Self-Storage (now Safestore) opened the first UK storage centre in Marylebone in London. Since then it has become one of the fastest growing industry sectors in the UK. There are now more than 950 self-storage facilities (a growth of 10% in the last year ) offering approximately 25m square foot of space and generating revenues of around £600m. The growth in the amount of rental space available in 2013 has remained consistent with the previous five years at around 8%, increasing by around 2m sq ft.

There are well over 130 storage operators in the UK with the big players being Safestore (102 stores), Big Yellow (75 stores) and Access (58 stores). There is a higher density of self-storage centres in the South, especially in London, but there are a significant number of facilities throughout the country.

The UK market has, in many ways, mirrored the US in terms of how the self storage industry has evolved. Interestingly however, the UK market started in main urban centres and is spreading to the countryside, whereas in the US the opposite was true.

Document Storage

CityStore entered into the document storage market in 2011 and has achieved considerable success with the development of its records management business over the last 3 years.

Despite the increase in the utilisation of scanning services as well as cloud-based systems for access to data, many companies still prefer to retain the physical copies of documents for retrieval and delivery to their premises.

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