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Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 25

(L)5ft x (W)5ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 2.5

(L)1.5m x (W)1.5m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our small unit sizes. Small units range from 10sqft to 30sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 50

(L)7ft x (W)7ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 4.7

(L)2.1m x (W)2.1m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our medium unit sizes. Medium units range from 35sqft to 55sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 75

(L)7.5ft x (W)10ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 7

(L)2.3m x (W)3m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our medium to large unit sizes. Medium to large units range from 60sqft to 85sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 100

(L)10ft x (W)10ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 9.3

(L)3m x (W)3m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our large unit sizes. Large units range from 90sqft to over 300sqft – contact us for prices

Businesses look to self-storage for a cost effective storage solution.

A large storage with double doors - perfect for businesses

Business self-storage is now booming, as more and more businesses realise the benefits of taking storage space off-site in locations that are the most convenient to them. But what are these benefits? Read on....

- One major benefit of taking space at a self-storage centre is that it avoids the need to rent extra office space as your businesses grows. Not only is office space expensive at the best of times, the time wasted in having to move the complete contents of your offices, not to mention the staff, is often too much. With self-storage, any stock or excess furniture can be stored securely in a storage unit on flexible terms. As your storage needs grow, the extra space is available, so you only pay for the space you need.

- Another attraction of self-storage for businesses is to store archives and seldom-used documents. For many companies, it is a legal obligation to keep certain records for a certain amount of time - usually between 7 and 10 years. For businesses such as architects, building drawings and plans need to be kept for the entire life of the building and for Colleges and Universities, learner records are often kept for at least 5 years. Rather than have hundreds of files that are rarely accessed, storing them off-site in a storage room is an easy and cost-effective solution. As the price paid is based on the floor area of the room, well-ordered archive boxes that maximise the available space can end up costing as little as a few pence per month.

- Not only do offices benefit from using self-storage rooms, large companies can also find that it is a very cost-effective way of doing business. Large corporations that have reps travelling around the country can ensure that deliveries of any collateral can be made directly to their local patch which means that reps can spend more time selling and less time chasing stock. With many storage centres accepting deliveries on the customers' behalf, there is no need to wait around if deliveries are late. As long as an agreement has been signed, storage centre staff can sign for goods and even put them into the storage room for you.

CityStore Self-Storage in Chalk Farm is just one of the companies that has benefited from an understanding of the requirements of local business. For more information on how self-storage can help your business, go to www citystore.ltd.uk


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