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Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 25

(L)5ft x (W)5ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 2.5

(L)1.5m x (W)1.5m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our small unit sizes. Small units range from 10sqft to 30sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 50

(L)7ft x (W)7ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 4.7

(L)2.1m x (W)2.1m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our medium unit sizes. Medium units range from 35sqft to 55sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 75

(L)7.5ft x (W)10ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 7

(L)2.3m x (W)3m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our medium to large unit sizes. Medium to large units range from 60sqft to 85sqft – contact us for prices

Unit Size

In Square Feet

Size = 100

(L)10ft x (W)10ft x (H)7ft

In Square Metres

Size = 9.3

(L)3m x (W)3m x (H)2.1m

This unit is an example of one of our large unit sizes. Large units range from 90sqft to over 300sqft – contact us for prices

How Grandparents can Benefit from Cheap Self Storage in Luton and London

Imagine the delight on your yet-to-be-born grandchildren’s faces when they open your self-storage unit and find an Aladdin’s cave of stuff that you lovingly saved for them over the years.

How to unclutter your home and delight the grandchildren

We all have far too much clutter in our homes. Think about your garage. In days gone by, people used to actually park their cars in them. It was a strange world. Our children may have left home but you wouldn’t have thought so. Our garages are still full of kids’ bikes, old footballs, cricket bats, tennis rackets and tents.

And what about the loft space? A thousand books packed in cardboard boxes that have not seen the light of day for 40 years. Monopoly and other board games that remind us of Christmases past and - for those of us who have reached a certain age - the days of electricity strikes and no television. And everyone has boxes of Lego, don’t they? A timeless pastime that can still engage even today’s technology obsessed kids.

Do we really want to throw away those hundreds of old family photographs just to make the place look tidy? Our grandchildren would never forgive us.

And how many times have we seen a toy on television or on the internet selling for a small fortune and declared: ‘I used to have one of those’?

So what's the answer?

So what’s the answer? We can’t bring ourselves to throw away all those memories. And it would be a crying shame to do so, I’m sure you would agree. Cheap self storage units in Luton, Dunstable and London would solve the problem and preserve these treasured belongings for future generations while freeing up much needed space in our homes.

Where can you find secure self storage in Luton, Dunstable and London?

CityStore Self Storage provides secure rooms in Camden Town, in the heart of Chalk Farm, and in Houghton Regis, just off the Houghton Road, near Luton and Dunstable. The major advantage of CityStore’s cheap, but highly secure storage rooms, is that they are individually alarmed with 24-hour CCTV coverage. And you have the only key!

How students, businesses and shopkeepers can also benefit

It’s not just grandparents who can benefit from long or short-term cheap storage in London and Luton. Students need to keep their belongings safe while travelling around the world during their gap years. Businesses need archives for their boxloads of documents. Market traders and shops need overflow space for stock at busy times of the year. People moving house may need somewhere to store furniture on a temporary basis.

If you are considering self storage in the London area use our size estimator and quick quote functions on our homepage to get the ball rolling. Should you have any questions please feel free to put them in the comments of this post.

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