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  • Popular questions about our self storage service...
    • How do I access my unit?

      • You can access your storage unit as often as you require during our reception opening hours. To access your unit you simply enter your pin code (agreed with you on move in) to access the secure storage area, and then use your key to access your individual storage unit.

        For ease of access, there are trolleys available to help you transport any goods from your car to your unit or vice versa. If you require 24-hour access, please speak to your local self storage team who can arrange this for you.

    • Do I need insurance?

      • Yes. We work really hard to keep your possessions safe and secure. But we have to take the belt and braces approach, so all our customers must also have their own insurance. You don’t have to organise this through CityStore, but we have a preferred insurer and can organise this on your behalf.

        Our insurance is based on a sliding scale, depending on the contents of your storage room and you’ll need to accurately estimate this. The minimum insurance package we offer is £1,000 and the maximum is £25,000. If your items are worth over £25,000, we can provide a bespoke quote. However, we can’t offer advice about how much insurance is needed.

        If you decide to use your own insurance, we will need to see written confirmation confirming this, in the form of a cover note from your insurers.

    • Do I need a padlock?

      • Yes. You can purchase these from CityStore from £5.99 or bring your own.

        We offer three choices:

        Option 1 – Storage padlock – a 50mm brass padlock suitable to keep your possessions safe. Comes with two keys.

        Option 2 – Combination padlock – a strong combination padlock for higher security. This is also useful if you have more than one person accessing your storage room.

        Option 3 – High security disc lock – this is a disc lock, which is our strongest lock and is extremely secure.

    • Is the site secure?

      • Yes, as well as each unit being padlocked, and individually alarmed storage units, there is high-tech access control with pin code security and 24-hour CCTV. Each site has a secure gated compound for loading and unloading your items.

    • What are your terms?

      • Please contact your local store for a copy of our terms & conditions.

        An online version of our terms will be available soon.

    • How long can I stay for?

      • It’s completely up to you; there are no time limits on how long you can store. There is no minimum storage period and your contract will continue on a month-by-month basis until you notify us that you are ready to leave. There is a 14 day notice period.

    • How much notice must I give to vacate my storage unit?

      • We require 14 days’ notice if you wish to vacate your storage unit. Our preferred method is to receive this by email.

    • What does CityStore do to help protect the environment?

      • We are actively involved in mitigating the impacts of climate change our owners both support and volunteer their time to social enterprises that promote and organise community ownership of renewable energy.

        We’re not perfect and still have a lot to improve on; this is a work in progress for any business, but here we outline some of the actions we’ve taken so far:

        Installing solar panels

        Our storage buildings and Head Office are fitted with solar panels to reduce our carbon footprint.

        Lighting inside our storage centres

        All the lighting in the corridors and storage units is controlled by sensors which automatically turn on and off with the arrival and departure of customers. This ensures that no lights are left on in the warehouse unnecessarily and therefore reduces energy consumption.

        External lighting

        External and security lighting is fitted with ambient light level sensors to ensure activation only when dark.

        Approach to building 

        CityStore refurbishes and recycles existing buildings rather than building from new. This dramatically reduces the energy used in constructing a storage centre as it avoids demolishing the existing building and rebuilding from scratch.

        Packaging supplies

        Our boxes are manufactured using recycled materials. We sell a range of strong cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes. We encourage our customers to recycle or re-use the boxes after they have finished with them.

        Commitment to reducing plastic  

        One of the biggest challenges, since much of the packing materials we sell comes pre-wrapped in plastic. We’re actively working with our suppliers to reduce the amount of plastic needed on products and moving to recyclable sources were possible.

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