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  • How much does storage cost?

  • Storage costs vary depending on the size of unit you need. Our transparent pricing makes costs easy to understand.

    If you’re new to self storage, our transparent pricing model will help you easily understand how costs are calculated by avoiding confusing deals and showing any extra fees such as insurance, padlocks or a deposit (if you’re not paying by direct debit).

    For the more experienced self storage aficionado, our open cost model helps you find the information you need quickly and easily.

    As an introductory offer, new customers receive 50% off their storage fees for up to two months, with no minimum stay.

  • Self Storage units to rent
  • The price is related to the square foot area of the floor

    We charge by the calendar month, rather than four-weekly. You only pay for the days you stay; subject to the notice period, you will be refunded for any days you don’t use in the month. Some self storage companies have a minimum stay restriction, but as long as you’ve given us 14 days’ notice, you will also get a prorated refund.

    Compared with other storage companies, who charge four-weekly, this monthly charge gives you an extra 9% saving on fees over the course of a year. You will be billed on the 1st of the month every month, with the first payment being pro-rata, making it easier to budget.

  • 100sqft Self Storage Unit
  • On taking a storage unit, we require the first invoice to be paid by either debit or credit card. For each following month, payment of the unit will be taken by direct debit. In the interests of security, we don’t accept cash for the first payment.

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